meet my little people

We might as well get this out of the way now, as I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots about my kids if you read me regularly.  This may not be one of my more hilarious blogs, and I’ll have to try to keep the inappropriateness to a minimum (I mean my kids are present), but I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know my little people.

Allow me to start off by saying, I adore my babes.  At the end of the day, when they’re sleeping peacefully in their beds, and I go in to give them one last kiss of the day all is well in the world.

The rest of the time, they are…

yep- that's at a bowling alley

and a restaurant

and this:

and sometimes even this

My little man, Jordan, has a knack for getting in trouble.  I mean, serious trouble.  Turn some neighbor’s camper into your personal fort without anyone knowing kind of trouble.   He also has a love of peeing outdoors… wherever really.  It may be on the sidewalk between our house and the mailbox.  Or off the front porch to  see how far he can shoot into the front lawn.  My personal favorite is on the air conditioner unit along the side of the house.  (Don’t tell his dad.)  And thankfully NOT on the dog since I walked in just in time to put a stop to that.

The little diva, aka “sis” aka Elle,  is becoming a young woman faster than I care to think about.  She has the sassiest mouth of any seven year old that ever lived and has recently decided she’s getting boobs and needs a bra.  Ummm… NO.  She is more like her mom than should be legal in any state and I have already started to fear for her husband and children.

I’m sure at some point in the near future there will be stories about the crap they get into.  Trust me, there’s a never ending supply of crap.

Thanks for letting me ooh and aahhh over them.  And stay away creepy internet pervs.  We have a guard dog.

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