what’s in a name

When searching for a name for my new home as a blogger, I wanted to go with something that really captured the essence of who I am and the things I write about.  Most of the time I’m a sassy, bitchy, overly dramatic wife and mom.  Emphasis on the {sassy}.  Some Princeton brain child defined the word sassy as being “improperly forward.”   Thus improperly forward,the blog, was born.  My new home as a blogger is currently in the “where do I hang this mirror” and “has anyone seen that one box that I put all the tampons in?” stage, and seems to be staying that way (for over a year now.)

Hopefully this place will turn into a real home soon- you know, the kind with yummy smelling Scentsy candles that manage to cover up the stench of dirty laundry, toilets adorned with little boy pee and a dog that likes to roll in horse crap.  Until that happens… put your feet up, add some Irish to your coffee and enjoy the show.

You should know that I am not particularly concerned with proper syntax.  I prefer short, choppy sentences mixed in with the occasional superfluous run-on sentence with no commas or any other necessary punctuation.  If this, or juvenile outbursts of profanity are a problem for you, keep on moving friend… keep on moving.

5 thoughts on “what’s in a name

  1. Your blog ROCKS! I’ve nominated you for THE WORDPRESS FAMILY AWARD


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    I’m proud to point my readers in your direction!

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