I feel that this should go without saying, but this blog is not 100% factual.

I am a woman.  I do have children and a husband.  Beyond that, all other information is subject to my insane ability to exaggerate, freak out and overly embellish any and every story I recount because that is simply my way.

This blog is for the sole purpose of me getting my crazy out.  In that, I may at times recount a situation as it is seen through my eyes, which we have established, are attached to my generally bat-shit crazy mind.

If I know you in real life, and you have somehow stumbled upon this corner of my mind, please do not try to read into, correct or god forbid try to figure out what the hell I am talking about.  I know this will come as a complete shocker to most of my readers, but I am, in fact, quite dramatic when I retell my life’s events.

If my poor hubby can read this blog and laugh his ass off (when I am mostly referring to what a complete ass hat he is) then for god’s sake I hope most other people can too.  I promise, he doesn’t mind when I talk about him.

Also, this blog is not meant for children, those who would classify themselves as highly religious, or serious for that matter, or those without a crass sense of humor.  I have a blog so I can talk about all of the things I wish I could say out loud, but generally know is not acceptable in most social circles.  Or in front of my kids.  Mostly in front of my kids.


Carry on…

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